As Cross Pollinated is a comic about climate change, I believe strongly in supporting pro-environment causes. Please take a look at the resources below for places to support, donate to, and volunteer with.

LAND BACK and decolonialization causes are extremely important to the climate movement. This comic enthusiastically calls for anyone living on USA soil to research what land they live on and support those tribes and peoples. If you are outside the US, look into other movements to support near you.

Environmentalist Groups & Causes To Support

Stop Line 3 on-ramps for the movement document
Stop Line 3 is a movement to stop another pipeline being built that will run through Canada and Midwest America. This is a doc full of actions you can take, even if you don’t live there.

Stop Line 3 Bail Fund
Bail fund for water protectors who have been arrested for trying to fight Line 3.

Indigenous Environmental Networks
Must-folllow on Twitter. Linktree has many more resources.

Navajo Water Project
Bringing running water and solar power to Navajo communities.

Navajo and Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief Fund
Navajo and Hopi peoples have not received any Covid relief funds. They have a GoFundMe, and while you’re there read their thoughts on Earth Day as well.

4Ocean has boats that pull trash out of the ocean. They fund this project selling cool bracelets made of recycled materials.

The Xerces Society
The Xerces Society is all about protecting bugs. If you care about honeybees, you gotta care about the rest of the pollinators too and should support this org.

Mutual Aid Hub
USA mutual aid organizations laid out on a map. Find and support one near you!

Georgia Environmental Organizations
List of Georgia (USA) specific organizations.

Articles & Journalism

"Earth Day Is Too White and Out Of Touch With Reality" by Emily Atkin, The New Republic 

Live Like The World Is Dying by Margaret Killjoy
Podcast that "features interviews with people who think about how to prepare for and survive crises." Specific episode linked is about reforestation.

Saint Andrew Youtube Channel
Video linked is about the climate movement. His entire channel is must-watch material.

Behind the Bastards
by Robert Evans
Podcast about the worst people from history. Specific episode linked is about the fossil fuel industry, but there are many other episodes about climate issues (Rush Limbaugh, Bjorn Lomborg).

"Lawns May Be Green, But They're Terrible For The Environment" by Ellen Paul, Greater Green Washington
Since this is a Washington-specific article, please take the time to talk to a local nursery or other expert about local ground cover options.

HEATED by Emily Atkin
A newsletter rounding up climate change news. Both paid and free versions available.


How to Propagate Your Own Moss
Make your own carbon sink!

How To Grow A Community Food Forest
Twitter thread by @FoodForestNetwk