Barberry's Babbles - What is The Grapevine? pt 1

20th Jul 2022, 10:00 AM in Hiatus
Barberry's Babbles - What is The Grapevine? pt 1
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Author Notes:

ramhog 20th Jul 2022, 10:00 AM
A tattered banner reads “Barberry’s Babbles” next to Barberry, who says “gives new meaning to ‘the call of nature’”. The title reads “What is the Grapevine?” The next panel is framed by the heart shaped leaves of the Grapevine.

Barberry explains to the audience, “The grapevine is how we communicate long-distance!”

There’s a dark panel with more dialogue from Barberry, which reads, “It has a couple of functions, actually:”

The first function depicts an image of grasses with a scared reaction to a fire moving in on it. Grapevine is at the bottom of the panel. Barberry explains, “Growth can’t talk like Grafts can - by using the Grapevine, their collective will can alert us to trouble spots - like drought, flooding, fire, invasive species, etc.”

The second function depicts two Grafts talking to one another out loud, Grapevine in the foreground. Barberry continues, “Grafts CAN talk, but it’s fastest to send messages via ‘vine. - Fast, but not secure - ANY plant or ambassador can hear any message -”

“- so rest assured - ALL of Kingdom Plantae knows your business!” Barberry concludes with a wink at the reader.

To be continued!