Barberry's Babbles - What are Grafts? pt 2

5th Jul 2022, 6:56 AM in Hiatus
Barberry's Babbles - What are Grafts? pt 2
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Author Notes:

ramhog 5th Jul 2022, 6:56 AM
A tattered banner which reads “Barberry’s Babbles” hangs above an annoyed Barberry, who wears a tie and holds a briefcase. The title reads “What are Grafts? pt. 2″. Barberry says, “it’s ‘bring your audience to work’ day.”

Barberry explains, “I was assigned Champion at birth but there’s other roles:”

Three panels highlight the various roles of Grafts. The first is scout, which depicts Venus (a Venus Fly Trap Graft), and says, “Field work & Grapevine attendants.” The second is guard, which depicts one of Mother Earth’s guards from Chapter 1, and reads, “Grown for the Hubs’ protection.” The third is caretaker, which features Clover from Chapter 2, and reads, “The ‘mayor’ of each Hub.”

Barberry looks off to the side, annoyed, and says, “Everyone else are Residents and have super easy jobs.”

Barberry suddenly freaks out in defense, trying to explain, “Not that I’m complaining - love my job, ma!!!”



violentlydefending 5th Jul 2022, 8:32 AM
ramhog 5th Jul 2022, 8:40 AM
We love to see lore don't we folks