Barberry's Babbles - What are Grafts? pt 1

5th Jul 2022, 6:56 AM in Hiatus
Barberry's Babbles - What are Grafts? pt 1
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Author Notes:

ramhog 5th Jul 2022, 6:56 AM
Welcome to BARBERRY’S BABBLES, a series of world-build explainer comics hosted by Barberry! As the youngest champion she’s still figuring some stuff out. These first two updates already went up on Tumblr and Twitter but from here on out, new pages will be posted every Wednesday til I run out in a month or so. Enjoy!

A tattered banner reading “Barberry’s Babbles” hangs in the air next to Barberry, who looks thoughtful. The title reads “What are Grafts?” Barberry says “Well shucks, that’s ME!”

Barberry explains, “Grafts are us two-legged plants Mother Earth grew from lil’ regular plants! She or scouts hand-pick us from the wild and nurture us into adults.” As she explains she gestures towards a tulip, which has an arrow between it and a full-sized graft that’s based on a tulip.

Barberry shrugs and says, “Once we’re grown, we’re assigned jobs! (We’re not always suited for em, tho.”

Barberry leans down and points off-panel below her. “We were originally made to better hang out with ambassadors. Check out our features-”

In the space below that panel stands fern, hands on her hips and looking annoyed. She says, “Why are you picking on me.” There are arrows next to her that are labeled to highlight the said ‘features’ of grafts. They read “Can speak any human language!”, “Don’t need to breathe or eat, just sun and good drink!”, and in quotations, “humanoid”.

The last panel below has Barberry looking dismayed. “Next time: more on all our FUN jobs! Oh boy!”