In order of appearance:

, she/her, 23 years old. Moved back in with her parents recently and works part-time at Eden’s Nursery, part-time for Mother Earth as a human ambassador of Plantae Interests. Not much going on otherwise!

ID: Violet is average height and a smallfat with tan skin. She has black hair that is a reddish brown on top. Her eyelids are always half lowered.

Fern, she/her, ~100 years old. Champion of the Ancient. Invited Violet to become an ambassador during their meet-cute. Cares deeply about Violet’s well-being but is a bit distracted. Frequently in trouble.
ID: Fern is tall and thin with light green skin. Her ‘hair’ is a fern that sweeps down in a curl in front of her face and down her neck. She has ears which split into three flat rectangles sticking out from her face. Her pointed eyes are yellow with black slits and her mouth is grinning with sharp teeth.

Tulsi, she/her, 47 years old. Violet’s boss at Eden’s Nursery and Daisy’s partner. An easy laugh and good boss, as far as bosses go.
ID: Tulsi is tall and heavier set with dark skin. Her hair is in small locs past her shoulders and is pulled back with a small headband. Her ear is gauged and has another small piercing above it.

Mother Earth, she/they (plural). As old as life itself. Effectively the head of the Kingdom Plantae. Inhabits and speaks for the trees (and grasses and shrubs and so on).
ID: Mother Earth is an orange-brown with orange streaks running through it, taking visually after a red cedar tree in this instance. She has two of these orange streaks over her bumpy nose and her eyes are permanently closed. Her hair is made of droopy, lumpy leaves in a blueish-green.

Rose, they/she, ~300 years old. Champion of the Beautiful. Always keeps her finger on the pulse of human fashion trends and has an extensive wardrobe. Has been known to put their social habits over any responsibilities to Mother Earth, but they’re good at talking their way out of trouble.
ID: Rose's figure is broad and plump with light green skin. Her hair is a tangled mess of darker green rose thorns. A single red rose is in the place of where their right eye would be.

Teff, she/her. If you ask her how old she is she’ll just give you a look. Champion of the Cultivated. Enjoys working alongside humans and has brought the most ambassador recruits on board.
ID: Teff's skin is a medium brown-red with red pointed markings on her cheeks. Her eyes are yellow with darker yellow pupils. Her hair is a wheat-yellow and swoops down to her upper back. She also has a few antennae-like strands of hair coming out of her forehead and in place of eyebrows.

Barberry, she/her, ~30 years old. Champion of the Unwanted. Quite good at creating illusions, quite bad at actually fulfilling her tasks and doing what she’s told. Somehow stays out of trouble more often than Fern despite this.
ID: Barberry is mostly a small green bush with two eyes sitting in the dark under the leaves in the middle of the ‘head’. She wears a red bandana as a poncho and red high top sneakers.

Hornwort, she/her, a few hundred years old. Champion of the Deep. A smug hothead who really only cares about what Teff or Mother Earth has to say. Has limited power over water manipulation.
ID: Hornwort has light blue/green skin. Instead of hair she has two tall seaweed-like antennae sprouting out of the side of her head pointing upwards. She has two ‘eyebrows’ made of plant-like ridges and dark  exaggerated ‘eyelashes’ off her dot eyes, and smiles with a dark upper lip.

Jade, she/her, ~500 years old. Champion of the Hearty. Keeps to herself and prefers to work alone, but very pleasant and tries to keep the peace between the bickering Champions. Like her title implies, can take a serious beating and has been known to use herself as a battering ram or ammunition.
ID: Jade is a short, stocky plant creature with reddish-brown skin with red “scars” up the front of her legs, arms, and stomach. She holds up her arms in fists like she’s ready to fight. Large jade plant leaves that are green with red edges cover most of her face so only a mouth is visible.

Rosemary, she/he, ~2000 years old. Planter and messenger of the Grapevine. Just a tad on edge at all times, but you would be too if you were constantly being whispered the secrets of the soil.
ID: Rosemary's build is average but broad. He has light blue-green ‘skin’ with 3 rosemary leaf blades coming off of his face like an axolotl. A purple flower is growing out of her head, ‘tucked’ beneath a bandana.

Burr, she/her, ??? years old. Palm’s scout.
ID: Burr is a short, stocky plant person with a spiky light orangish-brown head.

Dahlia, she/her, 53 years old. Violet’s mom. Mid-tier executive at a Big Name Company. Loves her family but can’t help but have big expectations of her children.
ID: Character portrait of Dahlia. She’s a slightly darker skin tone than violet and has curly dark hair past her shoulders. She has similar eyebrows and eyes to Violet (half-lidded) with crow’s feet.

Oren, he/him, 17 years old. Violet’s brother. Keeps to himself mostly. Has Ivy school dreams much to Violet’s dismay.
ID: Oren has similar short, curly hair and coloring to Violet’s (black with reddish-brown on top) and half-lidded eyes. He’s growing in a patchy goatee and has an ear pierced.

Cypress, he/him, 53 years old. Violet’s dad. House husband and music blogger.
ID: Cypress' skin is the same shade as Violet’s and has the same pattern of hair that she does, just shorter with a stray curly strand in front. He wears big aviator glasses and has a slight moustache. 

Ivy, she/her, 65 years old. Best friends with Clover. Works directly under Rose. Respects her deeply even though she has a much less favorable opinion of humans.
ID: Ivy is a similar black void face bush creature to Barberry except taller and has hair made out of ivy vines. She has a grimace on her face and wears an orange cloak with a squiggle pattern covering it.

Clover, she/her, ~225 years old. Caretaker of Arcadia and Ivy’s BFF. Has also had quite enough of humans.
ID: Clover is a short bush creature similar to Barberry and Ivy with black void ‘skin’ underneath a crop of clover ‘hair’ going down her back and trimming the edges of her purple cloak.

Sage, he/him, 28 years old. Ambassador in west Texas. Ranch hand, can ride a horse like nobody’s business. His easy-going personality and community standing matched with a no-nonsense work ethic makes him a hugely valuable asset to Mother Earth’s cause.
ID: Sage is standing with a toothpick in his mouth. He has a shade darker skin than Violet and black curly hair pulled back into a small ponytail, thick eyebrows, and a short beard and thin moustache. He has almond shaped brown eyes. He is wearing a purple scarf around his neck and a magenta button up.

Palm, she/her. Leader of some kind of splinter cell of plants based out of their swampy home, the Neverglades. Original Champion of the Ancients.
ID: Palm has light reddish-brown skin and large lidded yellow eyes. Huge leafy palm fronds come off of her head as hair and huge coconuts act as earrings.

Ash, she/they, 34 years old. One of the more radical of Palm’s followers and an ex-ambassador. Needs more sleep.
ID: Ash has light skin and dark hair that falls bush-like around her head past her shoulders. They have light blue eyes and wear a scowl. Their build is thin but sturdy.