Shop Plug & Update

by ramhog on 4th Jul 2022, 5:35 PM
Hi everyone! I relaunched my online shop to clear out some inventory before SPX (I'm tabling at SPX. I forgot to mention that here. So. I'm saying it now) which includes a few niche sticker packs I'm retiring and a couple zines. One of the items for sale is a bundle of the original prequel comics for this comic! It's only 3 bucks and I'm not charging shipping so if you want to know about how Violet got into this mess, check it out! Since it's the origins of this comic, there's a few inconsistencies with what the webcomic turned into, but its canon!

I'm also posting some worldbuilding comics on the socials that I completely forgot to cross-post to here, so I'll be posting those and queuing up the new ones so y'all won't miss out on anything. Unfortunately I don't have an idea as to when I'll be able to pick the comic back up yet, but y'all will be the first to know.

Thanks as always for hangin' out! Talk soon!

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