THINNING Post Mortem

by ramhog on 6th May 2022, 2:28 PM

illo for Earth Day 2022
Hi! Thanks once again to everyone who supported the making of Chapter 2, especially my partner Jay, those who supported my Patreon in the past, and everyone who's told a friend about the comic. This is very much a personal endeavor for me to exorcize my climage change anxities and it's been cool seeing people respond to it. I'm taking a break now since towards the end of Chapter 2 I was having a hard time balancing real life work with working on it and know I have a lot of prep to do for future chapters. Thank you for your patience.

I wanted to write a brief post mortem on this chapter for two reasons: For the real life issues touched on in THINNING I referenced a lot of articles which I would like to share with you here as extra curricular material, which I will link below. Second, I wanted to speak briefly on how I very obviously did not touch on the very real wildfires in the nearly year round fire season that California, Oregon and Washington experience now. This comic, for reasons I cannot exactly remember, starts in 2011. If you pay attention to the way I number the photos in Violet's camera roll on the reports, I put real dates in there that are the canon days where certain events happen. The horrifying conditions that the West Coast experiences during fire season hadn't quite started by the time this comic takes place. I wish I could point to a place to donate to that would help combat these fires, but truly climate saving action is the only thing we as individuals can do at this point along with supporting mutual aid funds in the area. Check out this map and donate or get involved with any of the mutual aid funds listed in the PNW if you can.

Now for the arciles/resources/references I used, especially when writing the report:
Wildfires fueled by climate change threaten toxic Superfund sites
Invasives Database: Cheatgrass
Opinion piece: Wildfire prevention deserves long-term, dedicated, continuous funding
Fire Adapted Communities page

If anyone has any questions or comments or further resources you think I'd might like I'd be happy to talk to you!- given that they're not about things that will be explored further down the road in this comic. There's still a lot to wade through here.