Site Update

by ramhog on 9th Aug 2021, 11:18 AM
Hey everyone,

Just spent this morning re-organizing some links and queing up more pages. I have updates prepared for y'all through November 3rd (!!!) as of today, so look forward to that. If you can't wait, please support this comic via Patreon to have access to those pages early and more bonus content.

I also finally sat down and made a climate resources page. It's always going to be very work-in-progress as there's a lot of material to sort through out there. I'll stay on top of updating links, but if I miss something please feel free to reach out. I'm genuinely wearing my politics on my sleeve for this comic since, well, it's literally a comic about climate change and supporting environmentalist causes, and the themes it will be exploring especially down the line are also about political action. Especially since I'm posting this the day of the IPCC climate report, things are getting exponentially worse. Now is not the time to shut down or disengage. I'm not an expert on these topics and did not start this comic to become one, but as I work on it I learn more and feel more passionately about the topic. I'm not interested in debating- I'm interested in action.

Thank you as always for reading. <3



fire238 9th Aug 2021, 1:30 PM
After the latest climate report, it's good to see this.

Thank you.