Welcome to the new(est) Cross Pollinated home!

by ramhog on 17th Jun 2021, 9:02 AM
I've been meaning to make a 'proper', "classic" webcomic site for the comic since the only two places I upload right now are in batches. Some people have told me it's a little confusing, plus some prefer to read one page at a time instead of scrolling, so this is the new spot I'll be pointing everybody to! I'll still be mirroring to Webtoon and Tumblr just to cover all my bases, but I want to invest the most effort into this site.

This site is very much still WIP since I am a one-man-band of making this thing- all of the pages/transcripts are now up to date and my next step will be making pages for the about and cast list. If anyone is reading using a screen reader, please let me know if the transcriptions are best kept in the author's note or if it needs to go somewhere else that would work better.

You can reach me at Twitter or Tumblr @crosspollinated. More links to come once I get my pages up! Thank you, as always, for reading.