Violet, an aimless young adult working at a nursery, has been suddenly thrust into a hidden society of plant people after a chance encounter with a bipedal fern. Now with the title of Ambassador and a blooming relationship with Fern, she must learn to balance her two lives and become one of the many working to stabilize the rapidly declining state of the climate.
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Cross Pollinated is created, written and drawn by Rose Ingram Jinkins (they/them). Ing lives on MvskokeYamassee, and Timucua land making comics and learning to weld. You can contact them at rose jinkins at gmail dot com, or via social media.
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Juniper Harwood (it/its) transcribes all of Cross Pollinated! Juniper is an artist and disability advocate living on Kalapuya land. It is queer and disabled, and creates work inspired by childhood reclamation and being loud. Check out its links for fun art, or give it a buzz via email if you’d like image descriptions done for your own work! You can contact it at howdyitsjunebug at gmail dot com.
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